About Dragonhill Books

Most of the works available from Dragonhill Books will have been written by Mark Richards. Mark has been sharing his creativity and intellect through the written word since childhood. He's written for all ages – books, award-winning poetry, short stories, magazine/newspaper articles, and reports for educational non-profit Earth Defense Headquarters.

mark and jo ann

Born in San Rafael, CA, Mark has lived and worked in numerous US states and in Europe. A retired US Navy captain, he has degrees from Dominican University, McGill University, and USC in history, political science, education, English, and quantum physics.

Mark has been incarcerated in CA since 1982 for a crime he did not commit. Writing is a positive outlet to stay sane in his insane and unjust situation. He continues to write on a daily basis.

Jo Ann Richards is owner and publisher of Dragonhill Books, in addition to being Mark's wife. Bookkeeper by trade (www.joannrichardsbookkeeping.com), Jo Ann is also the Executive Director, researcher, and spokesperson for Earth Defense Headquarters. She loves being a grandmother and traveling to the UK. She lives in the Richards' family home in San Anselmo, CA.